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Check out some of our past building projects for yourself below.

Raise and Build-Under

Starting with a humble little 2 bedroom/1 bathroom home in a highly sought-after part of Camp Hill, this one finished up as anything but humble! To take in as much of the million-dollar views as possible, we raised this house to within a couple of hundred millimetres of the maximum allowable height. From there, we extended and built in the downstairs area to create approximately 200m2 of living space/garage/terrace, and extended and renovated the entire upstairs area to create another 175m2 of living space/deck area. You could say it was quite the transformation, and that finished view is to die for!

This was as near-perfect of a build process as one could hope for, made all the more enjoyable by the close relationship that we built with the couple whose home it was. We still enjoy catching up with them when we’re in the area from time to time.

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New Build​

These clients desperately needed more space than their existing low-set, post-war weatherboard home could provide for their growing family of four (plus pooch) but did not want to leave the ideal area that they were situated in. After weighing up the cost of renovating the existing and compromising on layout vs buying something bigger in the area (I’m sure most of us are aware of Brisbane’s mind-boggling real estate prices!) and still potentially not getting the exact home they were looking for, in the end they decided to stay put, knock down the existing, and build from scratch! This allowed for a fresh start that would see them fully customise a 360m2 new home to their current and future needs without having to budge from their central location in Mitchelton.

 I enjoyed a close working relationship with the Lady of the manor on this project, who had a fantastic sense of how the finishes would work together and very clear vision of what she wanted her new home to be. As a result, the finished product was outstanding!

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Renovation / Extension

This project was another example of a growing family needing more space, but wanting to stay put in what is a beautiful and central location in Holland Park West. This time the house remained in its existing location but was completely renovated internally, extended at the back of the property, and had a second storey added to the extension. Our carpenters laid out around 2000 lineal metres of Blackbutt flooring throughout the house, which gave an absolutely stunning end result!

The clients on this project were super organised and well-planned, down to the smallest of details which again resulted in a seamless build, and a fantastic working relationship with a lovely family.

This was as near-perfect of a build process as one could hope for, made all the more enjoyable by the close relationship that we built with the couple whose home it was. We still enjoy catching up with them when we’re in the area from time to time.

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Architectural Renovation / Extension

This was one of our earlier projects back in 2017. It was an ultra-contemporary, fully customised, and architecturally planned extension off the back of a 120-year-old cottage. With a very environmentally-conscious client who had a keen eye for detail and finishes, this one certainly threw up its fair share of challenges. From using sustainably sourced Tallowwood cut and seasoned to order from rainforests in NSW, timber windows and doors constructed from Accoya pine that had rarely been seen or used in Australia at the time, to polished concrete slabs, we really had our work cut out for us!

Keiron personally worked in a carpentry role full time on this project as well as fulfilling his builder role, and was absolutely over the moon with what we produced in the end. The client even went on to have the completed product featured in House and Garden magazine! (Sep 2018 issue.)

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Kitchen Renovation

Although this was a small project, the result it yielded was no less beautiful in the end. We took a tired old kitchen that was lacking in functionality and installed a fully customised one in a different location. Plus, we provided some minor renovation work to the surrounding living area.

As the clients remained in the house during the construction period, we came to know them quite well, contributing to what was yet another seamless build process!

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Pool Pavillion

A little bit of a different project for us but one that we rose to and met with our trademark high standards: This was a refurbishment of an existing pool, with the addition of a pool pavilion built on a suspended slab, creating an undercroft beneath. Don’t let the stunning results fool you though, this particular property was situated on one of the steepest and most inaccessible streets in Red Hill, making the logistics of this project a builder’s worst nightmare. That said though, by the time we were all done there, you would never even know we’d been there!

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